heart Erica Gens is a singer and songwriter originally from Italy, living in London. She moved to the City at the age of 19 to follow her biggest dream: becoming a singer. 

She is now 21 and she has been moving forward in her career. She wrote and recorded her first EP, entirely written about her personal life experience.

Her first single is out now on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music, in a very pop style on the name of With You Again.

Erica is a very simple person, determined and so hard working in order to get what she wants and persue. She's always looking for new challenges, because as she says: 'The More You Do, The Better'. 

We've also seen her acting, as it's one of her other passions in life, she says.

She's been attending acting classes as well as working for an indipendent feature film and a couple of short films, all coming out later this year.heart